see these films

Films i believe you should not miss:

2001 A Space Odyssey [Kubrick]
Apartment Zero [Donovan]
Beautiful Thing [Macdonald]
Bladerunner [Scott]
Cabaret [Fosse]
Dead Poets Society [Weir]
Diva [Beineix]
Gattaca [Niccol]
In My Father’s Den [McGann]
In the Mood for Love [Wong]
L’auberge espagnole [Klapisch]
Le Confessional [Lepage]
Like Minds [Read]
Lilies [Greyson]
Love and Human Remains [Arcand]
My Beautiful Laundrette [Frears]
Sweet Sixteen [Loach]
The History Boys [Hytner]
The Lives of Others [von Donnersmarck]
The Oyster Farmer [Reeves]
The Servant [Losey]
Wittgenstein [Jarman]

added, 2011:

Moon; Source Code [Duncan Jones]
Heartbeats [Xavier Dolan]
A Single Man [Tom Ford]
Shelter [Jonah Markowitz]
In Bruges [Martin McDonagh]
Les triplettes de Belleville [Sylvain Chomet]
Les choristes [Christophe Barratier]

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