a wet Saturday afternoon

Arthur & Lucas JussenWe’ve had a long sun-filled summer. But autumn’s here now, and today the rain has fallen all day. The sort of day to stay indoors. I finished reading a book at lunch time and seeking occupation thought that after all this time I really should attempt some refreshing of this too-long-abandoned blog.

The new courtyard deserved a page of its own – and so it now has that. [See the link under pages in the right-hand sidebar.]

I thought it also it would be good to have some new guys on the page – so here they are: welcome.

And since we’re speaking of handsome young men I would also like to refer you to two wonderfully accomplished brothers [who are quite astoundingly beautiful as well as skilled] – Lucas and Arthur Jussen. They are pianists, and they play, together and individually, superbly. Seek them out at their website and on YouTube.

~ by crisargos on Saturday, 20 April, 2013.

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