William Gibson

I just adore William Gibson’s writing. I am in the midst of Zero History and it is completely wonderful: the density of what is here; the detail; and how Gibson chooses words and phrasing that evoke so much.

We are back with Hollis Henry, Hubertus Bigend, Blue Ant, Milgrim, Oliver Sleight and Heidi Hyde. And brands. And so much more – timeless fashionless quality, and patination; a cartel-grade Jankel-armoured Hilux, and Festos surveillance platforms with iPhone control; oh, and Gabriel Hounds. A delight, and utterly compelling.

~ by crisargos on Sunday, 23 January, 2011.

One Response to “William Gibson”

  1. i agree with you on William Gibson. Fantastic writer.
    I just watched the movie Total Recall (2012 remake) and the cities in it, being gritty and cyber punk’ish.. very much are what i see in my mind when i read Gibson’s descriptions of the sprawl, cities etc..
    i own zero history, but haven’t started it yet. currently finishing Neuromancer, and just started Count Zero

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