A Single Man

Tom Ford has created a most beautiful film. That his movie A Single Man should be so attractive to look at is not really to be wondered at since this is a man who knows a thing or two about beauty and style. That as a first time movie director he should make something so good to look at and draw such excellent performances from his actors is perhaps rather more remarkable. As everyone agrees Colin Firth as George achieves one of the finest performances of his career.

Ford has very largely remained true to Christopher Isherwood’s novel in his rendering, apart from one significant and pointed change to George’s motivation for the day the story takes place. In the end i don’t really mind this change since the whole thing is so very well done, but it is a curious change all the same.  And amongst the many things that impress, one that stood out for me, was the increase in colour saturation whenever George was particularly interested or focused on someone or something, and then the fade back to more muted colour as that interest waned. I don’t recall seeing this technique before and it seemed such a clever yet subtle means of conveying George’s inner state. Go see the film; it’s a thing of beauty.

~ by crisargos on Friday, 30 April, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Single Man”

  1. I loved the film too, for all those reasons above (especially the deliberate manipulation of colour) – but another reason I loved it is that it really seemed to be a film that not only represented a gay man’s perspective, but in a sense existed entirely in the gay man’s world. The kind of coherent sensibility that has always been heterosexual, even in films where gay men are a primary focus, the heterosexual world has often played an equally major role. This film was different to that, and this was an enormous achievement in my view. It was all about what the film attended to, what was given precedence in this one day, and where the emotional traction lay.

    I loved it.

    Ross and Craig – if you have not yet seen “I am Love”, you must.

  2. Very astute Chris – yes a film in a gay man’s world – i hadn’t quite thought of it like that but you are right and it is significant.
    And no, we’ve not seen ‘i am love’ – thanks for the recommendation; we’ll seek it out.

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