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market-fresh We’ve recently been back in Australia – Melbourne and Adelaide – to visit friends and also just to indulge ourselves a little. First to Melbourne where we stayed with M & A in their recently acquired townhouse in Toorak. This is in a brilliant location adjoining a small park, a few minutes walk from train station and tram stop, and only a little further to Prahran Market and Chapel Street. After a few days we took ourselves off to Adelaide for the weekend where we spent much of our time in the company of friends R & C who very generously gave up their days to show us many of their favourite corners of Adelaide and its environs. Then we returned for another three days in Melbourne.

On the Saturday morning in Adelaide we breakfasted on croissant and coffee in the Central Market, while marveling at the range of foodstuffs available. We wandered away, just as we had done from Prahran Market a couple of days earlier, feeling regret and disappointment that Christchurch does not have the population to support a similar enterprise. Loving food as we do we would consider living a few minutes walk from a good produce market such as both these are, to be a kind of heaven. We enviously eyed amongst so much, the really fresh vegetables, the big range of breads, and the banks of flowers. There is of course lots of fine stuff to be had in Christchurch but not in one place or in such range; often not quite so fresh nor as cheap.

~ by crisargos on Sunday, 18 October, 2009.

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