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Rafael-Bonachelas360_CAFRafael Bonachela’s 360° for the Sydney Dance Company.
Wonderful. Simply, wonderful. That is the standard English phrase for something so good words can’t be found to do a just description, but really multiply wonderful might be more apt. We’ve only been in the right place at the right time once before to see the Sydney Dance Company. We know they are superlatively good. They were the first time we saw them. They are now. This is a stunningly good piece and the dancers’ moves astonishing, captivating and elating. 360° may be the best thing we experience in this festival.

moon-5Moon directed by Duncan Jones with Sam Rockwell.
This is the new must-see science fiction film. Jones’ superbly achieved debut movie has been a brilliant start for our viewings at this year’s International Film Festival. We’d read that Moon is being considered a worthy descendant of such great SF films as 2001 and Blade Runner. It is; though i have a long-time love of the 2 just mentioned and they remain in top place. That said, Moon is very, very good — wonderfully clever and pertinent story, impressive acting by Rockwell, with a set and cinematographic style that supports those elements perfectly.

~ by crisargos on Saturday, 1 August, 2009.

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