Wanted to make another post before the end of the year [but summer, and we have had proper summer these last several days – sun out of clear blue sky] seems to have induced indolence. i’ve ranged over a number of things i might write about and find none of them really compel me. When i try to put them into words what appears here on the screen is just cliche so i’ve scrubbed them.

Nor am i going to do an end-of-year review-of-the-year. The things that were important have had their posts and they are still here to return to if you or i want to do so. 2008 was a perfectly fine year as years go – some joy, some grief: standard issue, but on the whole quite pleasing. [You see how these cliches will worm their way in!]

There were a number of things i had intended to write about but somehow they missed their moment. Maybe i’ll get to them in 2009 – or not; there is bound to be lots else taking our attention. One event i will mention that sadly follows from the current economic recession is our friend Grant’s having to close his gallery. However in the closing show C and i found a work we bought as a Christmas gift to each other – Kazu Nakagawa’s ‘untitled dictionary’, two views of which appear below. This buying an art work at Christmas was something we did for quite a number of years and then for reasons i now forget we fell out of the tradition – perhaps we’ll revive it. Whatever comes of that notion, Kazu’s piece is a delight to have now, being very pleasing both to see and to touch.


Greetings of the season; enjoy summer, and may 2009 bring much that gives you pleasure.

~ by crisargos on Tuesday, 30 December, 2008.

One Response to “summer”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Grant’s gallery! Although, buying art is always great…

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