Ranamok Prize

During our recent visit to Sydney the most gorgeous art works we saw were pieces in this year’s Ranamok Prize finalists’ exhibition. So this post is picking up again the subject of my last entry.

You will have gathered by now that C and i are frequently impressed by and have grown rather fond of many pieces of contemporary cast glass. Each year the Ranamok Prize rewards and promotes many of the best practitioners of this craft in Australia and New Zealand. You can read more about the prize on its website, and, even better, see photos of the winners and finalists works from each year since its inception in 1995, there as well. 

This year the guardians of the Prize had gathered all the previous years’ winners and are exhibiting them as a collection as well – a wonderful opportunity which we were delighted not to miss. Previous winners include David Murray with two stunning pieces from his Gatherer series – of which we are fortunate to own a rather smaller piece than these prize-winning pieces. But we love our little Gatherer whose concave upper surface from some angles suggests not its true solidity but a hollow bowl, and with other magic [well actually the dichromatic glass of which it is composed] turns in colour from rich cerise under natural or incandescent light to pale blue-silver under fluorescent light, when its bubbles suggest a starry night sky.

  Another piece in our small collection also contains a strip of dichromatic glass. In Galia Amsel’s Passage 10 the recessed finger which blocks the ‘passage’ through the arch mass of the piece changes between pink rhubarb and lime green under varied light sources.

~ by crisargos on Tuesday, 14 October, 2008.

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