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I’ve had William Gibson’s Spook Country on the bookshelf unread for several months – i’d been keeping it, savouring in anticipation the likely pleasure. Unfortunately the pleasure’s done for now since i finished it yesterday. But it’s been a lovely diversion from all the recent days [maybe even weeks – seems like it] of winter rain. Spook Country’s characters are wonderfully captivating creations; their lives, thoughts, interactions have kept me hugely and most happily entertained. Gibson draws on an impressive and pleasing stock of knowledge and invention delivered with a fluency and perception that’s both deft and wry; and so i loved his writing all over again.

The story-line is maybe not Gibson’s most accomplished. But i do like the ‘locative art’ idea – GPS and server dependent virtual reality with vastly detailed 3D rendering. And i’ve no objection to his rerunning the one-story in three-angles device. Spook Country is not a sequel to Pattern Recognition but we are in the company of some of the same themes and of Hubertus Bigend and Blue Ant. Cyberspace is now and our world stranger and more various than we routinely encounter.

~ by crisargos on Sunday, 3 August, 2008.

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