Montreal revisited

Way too long since my last post, i know – nothing has seemed to stir me sufficiently. But M & C have just been in Montreal, and we’ve just looked at the photos they took there. So Montreal revisited!

You may recall i wasn’t overly enthusiastic about Montreal after our visit – fine, but not really moving. Under snow Montreal takes on some additional charm in M & C’s photos. And one of the pleasingly curious things about their album on facebook is that quite a few of the photos are of the very things that we pointed our camera at as well. – Like the crazy Vietnamese restaurant in the Village, and much more predictably l’Hotel de Ville. Thank you M, C, for taking us back to the streets and squares of Montreal.

This year i’m taking a French class one evening a week at the Polytechnic – it’s fun – i hope to begin to be able to converse in French as i never learned to do when at high school. That was a long long time ago – but i surprise myself quite often at the vocabulary i can still recall. Now i just have to learn to think in it and string it into meaningful and fluently spoken sentences. Then maybe i can go back to Montreal and use my new skill in Francaise.

~ by crisargos on Monday, 24 March, 2008.

One Response to “Montreal revisited”

  1. I believe those in Quebec (and definately those in France) call the local language here ‘Quebecois’ – or something sounding like that.
    I’m glad that we were able to invoke some memory for you. I don’t know if that means that we have the same tastes, or that there is nothing else interesting in Montreal.

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