We’ve been travelling and i’ve not been blogging. From mid-September to mid-October we took ourselves off to Europe and Canada – the first such trip since 2001. Once we were back [and that’s now three+ weeks] although there were a number of subjects i thought i might post on, i couldn’t find the focus to begin. Now i think i have. So for a while now i’ll wend my way through our journey again: Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto. We had a wonderful time and didn’t feel we were quite ready to come home. And ever since i’ve had some trouble really being focused on work – my mind keeps wandering off, often to one or another of these places, and at other times just wandering!

hutong_dish The start of our journey took us on a return visit to Hong Kong where we stayed only a couple of days. Hong Kong was shrouded in heat, humidity and a mix of autumn mist and smog, so distance views weren’t happening. Being back in this oriental bustle was rousing, even if the heat made us feel unenergetic. Renewing our acquaintance with HK was fun, and more so meeting up with friends Ginny and Marcus and his family. On our first evening Ginny took us to a stunning restaurant on the 28th floor of the One Peking building in lower Tsim Sha Tsui. Hutong takes elements of the old China lane and courtyard city dwellings and puts them in a 21st century steel and glass cage overlooking the Fragrant Harbour to the Island – i kept thinking, ‘Bladerunner’. hutong_v.jpgIf the setting was spectacular the food easily matched it – utterly delicious modern interpretations of northern Chinese dishes. Thank you Ginny, this experience elated us and established a high standard to which the rest of the trip struggled to aspire. The following morning we met Marcus, Pat and Julian and walked over to the polished, glittering, and vast retail shrine that is Harbour City for lunch. One of the best things about this trip was the number of our friends we were able to see and spend time with – more so than on our previous excursions. We’ve come home sure that meeting up with so many of you made this journey more fun and less wearing than others.

The following day we went on to London via Frankfurt [since we were flying with Lufthansa]. And because we were arriving at Heathrow late at night we’d decided to stay overnight in an airport hotel and journey in to our long-stay hotel the following morning. Which we did – said morning dawning with a cold wind but bright autumn sun, which made the tube ride into central London cheerfully full of promise. Having deposited our bags at the hotel [brilliant location just off Trafalgar Square and the Embankment] we went in search of coffee [the subject of another post!].

~ by crisargos on Friday, 9 November, 2007.

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