Film festival time again. I’ve skimmed the catalogue and read the blurbs for quite a few — of these i’m thinking i might want to see Romulus, My Father; Death at a Funeral; Venus; A guide to recognizing your saints; Control. When i read further there may be more.

Last week on a cold damp afternoon we went off to see Paris, je t’aime — several of the pieces were entertaining and from characterization or plot development sufficient to hold my attention and interest. Tom Tykwer’s piece had some very good cinematography. But as a whole the film eventually tired me — i wanted it done; — pity, is a good idea [and i know, done before in other ways].

I did not feel that way about The Lives of Others which is the next most recent movie we’ve seen. I heartily concur with the reviews and every opinion i’ve heard anyone who’s seen it so far utter: the film is due unreserved plaudits. Beautifully composed, superbly acted, with outstanding attention to design — all of which compels your attention to the last moment, the last line, which was when the tears rolled for me. I might have expected my crying to have occured earlier, but no, here it was that last line that got me.

When Paul came over last week to eat with us we ended up showing him The History Boys [thank you Edmund] which he’d not seen. Such a repeatable delight — a wonderful, wonderful romp — to have contrived such a charming, quick group of guys [plus Totty] and equipped them with so much brilliant dialogue is delicious. Thank you Mr Bennett.

Thoughts of school boys and film of course reminds me of another stunning movie we’ve seen this year, Like Minds — more superb acting with excellent script and plot-making to conjure a compelling entertainment that keeps twisting away from the line you expected. See it.

~ by crisargos on Thursday, 12 July, 2007.

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